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dc.contributor.authorStrnadel, Bohumír
dc.contributor.authorDlouhý, Ivo
dc.identifier.citationEngineering Fracture Mechanics. 2008, vol. 75, issue 3-4, p. 726-738.en
dc.description.abstractThe paper reports on the results of a fractal analysis of fracture surfaces of Ni–Cr steel in two different states of heat treatment simulating embrittlement. The change in the fractal dimension of the fracture surface demonstrates a wavy character and dispersion depending on the microstructural state of the tested steel. The results of the fractal analysis in the crack growth direction and across the entire crack front were used as the basis for a reconstruction of the geometry of the fracture surface, providing a new geometric tool for fractographic analysis. The competing effects of transgranular and intergranular brittle fracture may lead to increased roughness of the fracture surface and its fractal dimension. The threshold value of the fractal dimension of the sections perpendicular to the fracture surface, indicating the transition from transgranular to intergranular fracture, is 1.12.en
dc.relation.ispartofseriesEngineering Fracture Mechanicsen
dc.subjectlow-alloyed steelen
dc.subjectfracture surfaceen
dc.subjectfracture toughnessen
dc.subjectductile fractureen
dc.subjectductile fractureen
dc.subjectintergranular fractureen
dc.subjectfractal dimensionen
dc.titleThe effect of crack propagation mechanism on the fractal dimension of fracture surfaces in steelsen
dc.identifier.locationNení ve fondu ÚKen

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