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dc.contributor.authorKalousek, Jaroslav
dc.contributor.authorHančl, Jaroslav
dc.contributor.authorSkála, Jiří
dc.contributor.authorKalousková, Gabriela
dc.identifier.citationKovové materiály - Metallic Materials. 1990, roč. 28, č. 6, s. 727-746.en
dc.relation.ispartofseriesKovové materiály - Metallic Materialsen
dc.titleRychlosti a trajektorie tuhých částic pod hladinou roztaveného kovu při vertikálním pohybu v gravitačním polien
dc.title.alternativeThe velocities and trajectories of the solid particles under the level of the molten metal at vertical motion in the gravitational fielden
dc.identifier.locationVe fondu ÚKen
dc.description.abstract-enThe paper deals with the equations of motion. After transformation, using the dimensionless quantities, the analytical integration has been performed under following conditions: vertical motion in the gravitational field, simple relationship between drag coefficient and Reynolds' number. The general equation describes the transition hydrodynamic flow, which yields the streamline and turbulent flow as special cases. The numerical calculation has been compared with experimental results and finite differential methods, gained by Guthrie et al. [6]. The short review of the numerical methods, concerning more complicated dependance of the drag coefficient on Reynolds' number has been added and the metallurgical application, concerning the nonmetallic inclusions has been mentioned.en

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