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dc.contributor.authorNosalj, Sanja
dc.contributor.authorŠimonovičová, Alexandra
dc.contributor.authorPauditšová, Eva
dc.contributor.authorHanajík, Peter
dc.contributor.authorVojtková, Hana
dc.contributor.authorBenková, Monika
dc.identifier.citationBiologia. 2021, vol. 76, issue 7, p. 2123-2131.cs
dc.description.abstractThis paper evaluates the effect of remediation at the site Banska Stiavnica - Sobov, which has been defined as an environmental burden. Remediation at the site, which is located in the protected landscape area Stiavnicke vrchy in central Slovakia, was undertaken 20 years ago. The area has been officially registered as an environmental burden since 1995. Mining activity induced soil pollution, surface and underground water pollution, destruction of vegetation cover and lower biodiversity at this site. To minimise these threats to the environment, remediation interventions took place from 1995 to 1999. The interventions were aimed at reducing acid mine drainage (AMD) from the heap. Measurements of basic chemical properties at the study area confirmed ongoing acidification, with an effect on soil properties. Acidification of the soil environment is also reflected in the composition of microscopic filamentous fungi, with the main domination of Penicillium species (20) and the random presence of Zygomycota species. The finding of the species Penicillium vulpinum and Trichophaea abundans was of interest. A low similarity of mycocoenoses was confirmed between a plot without vegetation cover or with only very rarely tufts of grass and showing a high level of water erosion (S1) and a plot covered with acidophilic plant species (S2). Similarity was higher between a plot without vegetation cover or with only very rarely tufts of grass and showing a high level of water erosion (S1) and a plot covered by compact meadow vegetation (S3), and the highest similarity was between samples from plots S2 and S3. It was also confirmed that the structure of microfungal communities is directly influenced by soil reaction (pH) and is closely linked to the soil type.cs
dc.publisherSpringer Naturecs
dc.rightsCopyright © 2021, Slovak Academy of Sciencescs
dc.subjectDystric Cambisolcs
dc.subjectmicroscopic filamentous fungics
dc.subjectrare speciescs
dc.subjectsimilarity of mycocoenosescs
dc.titleDiversity of soil microscopic filamentous fungi in Dystric Cambisol at the Banská Štiavnica – Šobov (Slovakia) locality after application of remediation measurescs
dc.description.sourceWeb of Sciencecs

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